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We are multi-talented London based software development agency. Our dedicated team offer software development for a wide range of technologies. We create the very best in software for mobile, web and all things digital.

We offer our clients top quality software, graphic design, development and consultancy for a wide range of requirements. Many years of creative experience and an understanding of cutting edge technologies, allows us to make your concepts a reality.

We are fully committed to supporting each of our clients through the entire process - from the initial concepts to deployment - when you need us, we’re here.

Our industry is constantly evolving. That’s why we invest in research and development to keep ahead of trends and changes in technology. We push the boundaries to ensure we can always deliver the latest and greatest in software solutions.

You’ll find a bite-size selection of our work below - from augmented reality to web design and mobile apps. If you’d like to speak to a member of our team.

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  • iOS - Swift & Objective-C
  • Android - Java & Scala
  • Windows Phone - C#, WP8
  • AS3 - for flash & air
  • Web Backend - PHP, Spring, Groovy, .NET & Node.js
  • Data Design - SQL, MongoDB
  • Web Dev - HTML5, CSS & JS
  • Game Dev - Unity3D, Unreal
  • UX/UI - User Testing, Information Architecture & Prototyping
  • Graphic Design - Concept, Branding & Apps
  • 3D Services - Modelling, Rendering & Animation


Android // iOS // API

Commissioned & Project Managed by Olive Media

Academy HQ is owned & operated by Olive Media


Designed and built for Olive Media, this suite of applications allow Olive media to offer their clients mobile access to key online training and E-learning offerings.

Covering both iOS and Android platforms in a range of device sizes from phones to tablets. The applications provide access to both SCORM powered e-learning material, and video based presentations, as well as a range of audit and user verification functionality.

With access to training records and certification data from Mobile, online and classroom learning environments, administrators can ensure proper user qualifications even in remote or temporary work sites.

In addition the applications dynamically rebrand to give each of Olive's clients a tailored experience in line with their existing training material.



Designed, Commissioned & Project Managed by the Allotment


In support of the Allotments re-launch of the Donkey Sanctuary's flagship adoption program, we re-created the campaigns successful iOS application for a new release on Android phones.

With in depth image editing and composition, the application allows you to add your favourite adopted donkey to any cherished family memory.

After which you can choose from a wide range of framing options and take the opportunity to post your finished memory to popular social media platforms.


Html5 // SCORM // Web

Commissioned & Project Managed by Olive Media


Designed and built for Olive Media, this Html5 application allows their client Noodlebox to internally test staffs ability to prepare their signature dishes.

Based on the SCORM e-learning standard the application fits seamlessly into the clients wider training package.

Custom tracking of user performance allows Olive & Noodlebox to gain insight into the training materials effectiveness.

Data driven, the activity allows Olive & Noodlebox to dynamically expand and tailor the e-learning outcomes.


iOS // Android // Web


Pigmy Pets is a 3D augmented reality, virtual pet for all ages. Choose from a puppy or kitten and shower it with love. Or if you're feeling greedy - adopt them both!

It is your job to care for your pet as much, or as little as you want but the more you look after your pet, the happier it will be.
In order to start augmented reality game play, players will need to download the Pigmy Pets play area for free from and print.

By adding object recognition via the use of the play area, the player’s real life world becomes interactive and digitally manipulable, so artificial information and objects can be overlaid on the real world.


Html5 // Web

Designed & Project Managed by Mystery


When Mystery designed a new site for the Little Whale Cay private resort island, we we’re on hand to provide support for the sites build and deployment.

With a focus on keeping content fresh and guests up to date, the sites content management system features in-depth social media integration allowing Little Whale Cay to update all of their profiles with one post to the sites diary section.

In order to supply a fully responsive experience for viewing on mobile devices and tablets, we took Mystery's initial designs and shaped them to fit a variety of platforms and resolutions.




Based on the classic card game, sh%dhe@d pits you against up to 4 opponents in a battle to be the first to discard all your cards, there are no winners only losers.

Online loser-boards allow you compete to avoid becoming the worlds No1 sh%dhe@d.

Play in multiplayer matches through Game Center with live voice chat, or play against ruthless AI controlled players. You can also customise your play by creating your own rule sets.

Why not check out the trailer here or download your copy here